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This unique opportunity to learn from the veteran Joe Clifford who has worked extensively as a cut person in national and international combat sports since 2004 for some of the biggest organizations in the world MMA including, Cage Warriors, UFC, Brave, KSW, and program designer for Cut-Teams in IMMAF & AIBA and one of the first cut person to work at the Olympic Games.


Online Cut Course is approx. 8 hours done over 2 days + one hour for the exams. It has the same content as the physical presentation, your practical's Online are done live. The course is highly interactive with tutorials, and real-time video footage, and combines theory with the practical application of doing.



During the course, you won't need a person for hand wrapping just after it, in your time, when you will record a video with the practical hand wrapping.


It empowers participants by educating them on the best
practice and evidence-based treatments for minor facial
injuries during full-contact combat sports.

The course does not endorse the use of dangerous drugs.
Instead, it uses natural products which are just as effective
and better tools to use on facial features than conventional
Cutman paraphernalia e.g. swabs and enswells.



There are 10 modules on the course which represent elements of the cut person's profession.

Some of the content includes:

1- Hand Wrapping


3-Maintenance of facial injuries, e.g. lacerations, hematomas (swelling), epistaxis (nose bleeds)

and much more.



If you choose not to do the exam you will receive a certificate of attendance.

If you choose to do the exam you will receive a graduation certificate.


The certificate is stamped by Minute Medicine Man, a corner care leader.

Safe MMA is an Independent global medical commission.


Who is this course for?

The course is for all levels from rookies to Pros—anyone who is passionate about the sport.

· Fans with a passion for combat sports and aspirations for a career in the field

cut person aiming to develop and advance their careers in combat sports.

· Coaches eager to expand their expertise with professional cut person skills

· Healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and emergency responders, interested in specialized training for combat sports industry opportunities.


All are welcome.





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